About the Show

Limited Cel is a generational Hanna-Barbera cartoon review show. Each week, two generations of cartoon watchers sit down to review the podcasts that filled their childhoods. The idea first started when Nick wanted to make a podcast where him and his brother sat down and reviewed every episode of Scooby-Doo. Well, it turns out Jake would have been miserable and they sound too much alike on the microphone.

Around the same time Nick was formulating this idea, he was sitting around a fire pit with his dad, Mike, his two uncles, and his aunt. That fateful night, they spent hours talking about classic cartoons, almost all of which happened to be Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Up until this moment, Nick had never realized HB cartoons had impacted his fathers childhood as much as they had impacted his own. An idea had sparked and the rest is history… Cataloged by this very podcast.

About Mike Wood

Mike Wood spent his childhood digging holes to China, doing dangerous things on the farm he grew up on and above all, loved watching cartoons. Eventually he grew up to become a nuclear engineer. So naturally these days, he likes to spend his time talking about cartoons with his son!

In his other waking hours, Mike loves spending time in his pool and fixing whatever issue his kids have with their houses this week. He’s a father to three sons, one of which is Nick, and has three grandchildren he loves spending time with.

About Nick Wood

Nick Wood had great parents that lovingly fueled his fascination with cartoons. At a young age he obsessively watched Scooby-Doo and a few other HB cartoons. Later on in his life, his parents further encouraged his addiction by buying him a Wacom tablet and induldged him in the crappy cartoons he made. Eventually that translated to him making a podcast about his favorite cartoons.

With whatever time he has left, Nick does another podcast, Stranger Still, and chases around his two-year-old daughter, Rory. Right now, he’s trying to convince her that her name is Boo-Boo, but it’s not working…