Episode 50: Yogi’s Gang (1973)

Episode 50: Yogi’s Gang (1973)

Limited Cel - A Generational Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Review Show
Episode 50: Yogi's Gang (1973)

This week, we explore Yogi’s Gang! Here’s a joke for you: What do you get when you cross a bunch of up-tight people who say cartoons can’t fight on TV, and a bunch of hippy-ass TV execs? If you guessed Yogi’s Gang, you’d be correct. Join us for basically tangent hour as we explore the crunchiest cartoon we’ve seen to date.

Limited Cel is a podcast where two generations of cartoon watchers sit down and watch ever series their favorite cartoon producers ever made. Join Nick (the son) and Mike (the dad) Wood as they watch, catalog, and review some of the best and the worst Hanna-Barbera has to offer.

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