Episode 98: The Little Rascals (1982)

Episode 98: The Little Rascals (1982)

Limited Cel - A Generational Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Review Show
Episode 98: The Little Rascals (1982)

This week, it’s just Nick. Nick’s out here on the streets, up to no good, getting into all kinds of trouble, all in black and white.

Limited Cel is a podcast where two generations of cartoon watchers sit down and watch ever series their favorite cartoon producers ever made. Join Nick (the son) and Mike (the dad) Wood as they watch, catalog, and review some of the best and the worst Hanna-Barbera has to offer.

2 thoughts on “Episode 98: The Little Rascals (1982)

  1. I was 15 years old when this show originally aired, and I thought it was one of the better cartoons of its time. I have a fan site for Patty Maloney, the famous dwarf actress who provided the voice of Darla Hood.

    1. Interesting you thought the original Our Gang/ “Little Rascals” series was “slow.” Some were (like most of the silent films), some weren’t. I remember the cartoon had Miss Crabtree, who had already retired as teacher by the time Spanky, Alfafa, Darla, Buckwheat and Porky came into the picture. It’s too bad Hanna Barbera didn’t get the permission from Eugene “Porky” Lee but it sounds like he would’ve given HB a hard time.

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