One thought on “Where have we been?!

  1. Hi Nick and Mike,

    So sorry to hear about your dad and grandpa, and glad that you’re taking some well-earned time off.

    My dad (also “Mike”) is the reason I’m such a toonhead. When I was a kid we’d get up on Saturday mornings, make scrambled eggs with cheese and watch ALL the cartoons. I always wanted to role-play the shows and my dad could whip out almost any cartoon voice on command. Scooby, Snagglepuss, and my favorite—Foofur! (Is that one on your list to review? If so, I’ll be listening with my dad!) To this day, if I bring up a certain show we used to watch he’ll immediately start doing voices. It’s the best.

    Love your show, hope you never run out of H-B toons to discuss.


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